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    Deep refactoring in event handling system and in qt Lua module. · 9e7c111b
    pablocael authored
    * Event Handling:
    - Changed event registration system in C++.
    - Created event deregistration feature.
    - Created CSL Struct to support keyboard modifiers.
    - Keyboard event now receive a string value for keys, containing an entry name from Qt::Key enumerator.
    - Refactored completely the eventHandling sample (samples/eventHandling)
    - Created EVENT_HANDLING.md containing a quick start guide to event handling.
    - Created a link in README.md poiting to EVENT_HANDLING.md
    * Lua Module:
    - Splitted part of __init.lua into 3 files (only ObjectWrapper-related code and global module code remains in __init.lua)
    	- Types.lua: contains all lua constructors for supported types and enumerators exports
    	- ConnectionHandler.lua: contains all Lua signal/slot system.
    	- EventHandler.lua: contains all Lua event handling system.