Commit 8277115f authored by Ricardo Cosme's avatar Ricardo Cosme

[OPENBUS-2753] Suporte ao Boost Build para compilacao do barramento

git-svn-id: ae0415b3-e90b-0410-900d-d0be9363c56b
parent 6f883592
...@@ -126,6 +126,9 @@ project luaopenbus ...@@ -126,6 +126,9 @@ project luaopenbus
<target-os>windows:<define>_CRT_SECURE_NO_WARNINGS <target-os>windows:<define>_CRT_SECURE_NO_WARNINGS
<toolset>msvc-12.0:<cxxflags>/FS <toolset>msvc-12.0:<cxxflags>/FS
<debug-symbols>on <debug-symbols>on
: default-build
; ;
make luaopenbus.c make luaopenbus.c
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