Commit e9b2ab15 authored by Hugo Roenick's avatar Hugo Roenick
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Commit final do item [OPENBUS-2481]: Permitir que operacoes de getEntityLogins...

Commit final do item [OPENBUS-2481]: Permitir que operacoes de getEntityLogins e invalidateLogin seja realizado pela mesma entidade cuja informacao deseja-se manipular

git-svn-id: ae0415b3-e90b-0410-900d-d0be9363c56b
parent 75c6c69e
local idl = require "openbus.core.idl"
local UnauthorizedOperation =
local module = {}
function module.assertCaller(self, owner)
local entity = self.access:getCallerChain().caller.entity
local logtag
if entity == owner then
logtag = "request"
elseif self.admins[entity] ~= nil then
logtag = "admin"
return logtag
return module
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