Commit 7b12d9f9 authored by Renato Figueiro Maia's avatar Renato Figueiro Maia
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[OPENBUS-2564] Ajustar o protocolo para que as chaves de acesso distribuídas...

[OPENBUS-2564] Ajustar o protocolo para que as chaves de acesso distribuídas pelo núcleo sejam assinadas
- Remoção de dependências que não são utilizadas (facilita a execução dos testes legados do OpenBus 2.0 no OpenBus 2.1).

git-svn-id: ae0415b3-e90b-0410-900d-d0be9363c56b
parent 831086fe
......@@ -16,13 +16,6 @@ local InvalidService = offtps.InvalidService
local InvalidProperties = offtps.InvalidProperties
local UnauthorizedFacets = offtps.UnauthorizedFacets
-- TODO:[maia] all the code that depend on these definition are misplaced here,
-- they all should be in the file of the tests of EntityRegistry.
local admidl = require "openbus.core.admin.idl"
local offadm =
local EntityRegistry = offadm.EntityRegistry
local AuthorizationInUse = offadm.AuthorizationInUse
local throwsysex = require "openbus.util.sysex"
local ComponentContext = require "scs.core.ComponentContext"
......@@ -12,7 +12,6 @@ local Suite = require "loop.test.Suite"
local idl = require "openbus.core.idl"
local BusLogin = idl.const.BusLogin
local BusEntity = idl.const.BusEntity
local admidl = require "openbus.core.admin.idl"
-- Configuraes --------------------------------------------------------------
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