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[SOMA-2584] Adicionando seção referente a configuração para uso do mecanismo de transferência via SSH.

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......@@ -47,6 +47,25 @@ following to your `sgad.cfg`:
To use `sga-exec` when writing your own driver, the rule of thumb is to
avoid Lua's standard `io.*` and `os.*` routines.
## ssh-datatransfer
A SGA daemon can use a ssh data transfer mechanism to copy input and executable files to execute on remote
host sandbox. The SSH data transfer configuration can be enable with posix driver. Add the following to your `sgad.cfg`:
driver = "sga.driver.posix"
extra_config = {
csbase_transfer_name = "ssh-datatransfer",
csbase_csfs_root_dir = "/tmp/csfs_sandbox",
ssh_host = "localhost",
ssh_port = 22,
ssh_user_name = "csgrid",
ssh_private_key_path = "/home/csgrid/.ssh/csgrid_id_rsa"
Add **csgrid_id_rsa** private key in /home/csgrid/.ssh CSGrid server directory and fill ****
file content in SGA csgrid home directory _.ssh/authorized_keys_ file.
## Install
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